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On this website we present highlights of common butterflies as an entry-level learning and reference resource for those interested in these beautiful creatures! Information is included on butterflies you might find around your home, along with photographs, geographic distribution, host plants and more.

We love watching butterflies, whether we are home or traveling around the country to national parks, nature preserves, or hiking trails. Any state is a great location for discovering these magnificent creatures.

Special Website Highlights This Month

Our butterflies of the month: The Tiger Swallowtail and the Gulf Fritillary

We are enjoying spending time in our gardens in 2017 and learning more about butterflies!

This month we are featuring the beautiful Tiger Swallowtail and the Gulf Fritillary as our "Butterflies of the Month".

Be sure to read our special edition about Texas Butterflies ... species, ecological environements, Texas nature centers, Texas butterfly festivals, and more.

We have also added in June of 2017 a new orange-colored butterfly comparison chart.

Butterfly Gardening

We also enjoy butterfly gardening, and designing our landscape to provide food and shelter for a variety of butterflies.

Our butterfly garden features a number of different ecological environments. Located in the country, it backs up to hundreds of acres of forest, with nearby fields, pastures, and wetlands. It is registered by as a certified Monarch Waystation, and we raise dozens of Milkweed plants each year for the Monarch Butterfly.

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We've included in our landscape several types of Lantana, Zinnias, Butterfly Bushes, Pentas, Salvia, Batface Cuphea, Firebush and other butterfly-friendly plants, annuals and perennials. We also plant dill and fennel to provide food sources for Black Swallowtails. Learn more about butterfly gardening

What Kind of Swallowtail Is It?

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click for identification tips about black-colored swallowtail butterflies

Several species of swallowtails are predominantly black with similar orange and yellow markings, and identification is often difficult. Many of our readers have asked for an easy-to-use identification tool for swallowtails.

We've developed a page to help our website visitors to identify common swallowtails.

Enjoy the website, and visit again soon in 2017!