Butterflies at Home

Butterfly Gardening Blog 2024

We enjoy butterfly gardening in our backyard, and designing the landscape to provide food and shelter for a variety of butterflies.

We have a full page dedicated to Butterfly Gardening here on this website, with lots of tips on designing your butterfly garden, and some popular plant selections.

Our Gardens in 2024

Now that we have transitioned from Spring to early Summer in 2024, we are posting on this page some of the plants and flowers we are growing this year. Enjoy!

Garden guardian with the 2024 Azaleas
Fringed tulip in the spring, March, 2024
Delicate pinkies in a hanging basket bring lots of joy and happiness to everyone around!
Skipper Butterfly on Passion Vine flower
Multiple Red Tropical Hibiscus blooms

The perfect, intricate blooms of the Hydrangea
Plants in a Pot
Miniature Vinca in Clay Pot
Lovely, stately Agapanthus
Delicate, white Periwinkle blooms
Happy faces in the garden!
Black and Blue Salvia
Balloon Flower
Long-time favorite: Four O'Clocks
Batface Cuphea
An easy-to-grow flower, frost resistant: Dianthus
Blue salivia ... bumble bees love it!
Bee Balm ... spreading fast
Variegated Fritillary caterpillar on yellow Pansy
Orange Hibiscus
Yellow Purslane
Dreamland Zinnia

Dwarf Gardenias
Orchids ... survived the winter in the garage!
Garden favorite over the decades ... Flowering Almond
A pollinator's dream! Vitex (Chaste Tree, Vitex agnus-castus) in full bloom in our landscape ...
attracts lots of butterflies, bees and hummingbirds!