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Many of our viewers want to know "what is that brown butterfly in my backyard?" Several of our favorite butterflies are brownish, either solid brown or shades of brown with other markings. In order to help identify brown butterflies, and provide a side-by-side comparison, we have included below photos of several common brown butterflies.

Arizona Sister

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Arizona Sister Butterfly ... wings open

Bordered Patch

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Bordered Patch Butterfly on rocks

Common Buckeye

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Buckeye Butterfly on Hydrangea

Tropical Buckeye

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Tropical Buckeye Butterfly ... wings open

Common Wood Nymph

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Common Wood-nymph Butterfly

Milbert's Tortoiseshell

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Milbert's Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Mourning Cloak

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Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Funereal Duskywing

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Funereal Duskywing Butterfly

Phaon Crescent

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Phaon Crescent Butterfly

Texas Crescent

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Texan Crescent Butterfly

Red-bordered Metalmark

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Red-bordered Metalmark Butterfly

Red Satyr

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Photo of a Red Satyr Butterfly

Silvery Checkerspot

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Silvery Checkerspot Butterfly

Texas Powdered Skipper

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Photo of a Texas Powdered Skipper Butterfly

Zela Metalmark

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Zela Metalmark Butterfly


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Elf Butterfly

Dull Firetip

Dull Firetip Butterfly

Florida Purplewing

Florida Purplewing Butterfly

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