Butterflies at Home

Butterfly Videos

We love watching and learning about the butterfly species that inhabit our home gardens! These videos showcase some of the more common butterfly species found in our home gardens.

They run fairly quickly, so sit back and enjoy ... and turn up your volume for some easy-listening music!

Like all YouTube videos, you can click to view full screen, and mute the music if you like.

ButterfliesAtHome Showcase
The Butterflies at Home Showcase
Swallowtail Butterlies
Video about the Swallowtail Butterfly family
Fritillary Butterflies
Video about the Fritillary  Butterfly family
Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly
Video about the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly
Common Backyard Butterflies
Video about common butterflies found in the backyards of homes in North America
Common Moths
Video about common moths found in North America
Gardens for Pollinators and People
Video about gardens for pollinators and people
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