Butterflies at Home

Common Butterfly & Moth Families

Swallowtail Family of Butterflies


Fritillary Family of Butterflies


Brush-Footed Butterflies


Skipper Family of Butterflies


Gossamer Winged Family of Butterflies


Longwing Family of Butterflies


Sulphur Butterflies and Whites


Hairstreak Butterflies


Emperor Butterflies


Crescent Butterflies


Metalmark Butterflies


Checkerspot Butterflies


The Ladies of Butterflies




Silk Moths

Scientific Butterfly Family Classifications

  • Papilionidae - Swallowtail butterflies, most species having prominent tails.
  • Hesperiidae - Skippers - relatively small, fast-flying species.
  • Lycaenidae - Blues, Hairstreaks and Coppers. Colors and patterns of sexes often differ.
  • Nymphalidae - ¬†Brush-footed butterflies, contains many subfamilies.
  • Pieridae - Yellows and Whites, with those predominant colors.
  • Riodinidae - Metalmarks, sometimes placed in the Family Lycaenidae.