Butterflies at Home

A familiar resident in many home environments and backyards is a small orange and brown butterfly. Many look alike and are hard to identify ... but the "Crescents" are fun to have around and watch!

The Phyciodes family consists of a large number of these small butterflies.

Their markings vary, but most are orange and brown, with various white spots and streaks.

Included below are photos of the more commonly found Crescents in the United States.

Field Crescent
FieldCrescent Butterfly
Crescent Butterfly
Northern Crescent
Crescent Butterfly
Pale-banded Crescent
Crescent Butterfly
Pearl Crescent details
Crescent Butterfly
Phaon Crescent details
Crescent Butterfly
Texas Crescent details
Crescent Butterfly
Vesta Crescent
Crescent Butterfly

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