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Common Moths: A Video

A moth is an insect related to the butterfly, both being of the order Lepidoptera. There are an estimated 160,000 species of moth, about 10 times the number of species of butterfly.

In general, moths tend to be stockier and have furry bodies, whereas butterflies are smooth and lean. 

Butterflies tend to fold their wings vertically up over their backs, while moths hold their wings in a tent-like fashion hiding the abdomen. Butterflies are typically larger and have more colorful patterns on their wings. Moths are typically smaller with drab-colored wings, but many are colorful.

This video showcases the more common moths found around the home.

It runs about 4 minutes, so sit back and enjoy ... and turn up your volume for some easy-listening music!

Like all YouTube videos, you can click to run it full screen, and mute the music if you like.

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