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Long-Tailed Skipper

The Long-Tailed Skipper (Urbanus proteus) is a medium size butterfly with a hairy body and long hindwing tails. The body and wing bases are bluish-green or iridescent green. It is commonly found in fields, gardens and brushy areas.

It can be found year-round in southern Texas and Florida. During the warmer seasons, it may venture as far north as Illinois and New York, but cannot survive cold weather.

Host plants: beans and other climbing legume vines

Size: 1.5" - 2.0"

Long-tailed Skipper Life Cycle Stages and Times

Stage Typical Duration
Egg stage 4 to 7 days
Caterpillar (larval) stage 3 to 5 weeks
Chrysalis (pupal) stage 12 to 14 days
Adult butterfly stage 10 to 20 days


Long-Tailed Skipper on ZinniasLong-Tailed Skipper on Zinnias

Long-Tailed Skipper
Long-Tailed Skipper

Long-Tailed Skipper in East Texas, October, 2016
Long-Tailed Skipper in East Texas, October 16, 2016